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Can These 8 Things be Triggering Your Migraines?

Posted on 05-28-2018

Nobody who has ever dealt with a migraine episode would want to voluntarily repeat the event.  Even if your migraines only happen every once in a while and seem to come on out of nowhere, if give...

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A Closer Look at Vertigo and How to Care for It Naturally

Posted on 04-03-2018

Imagine sitting at your desk at work or walking down the street and suddenly feeling like you are spinning round and round on a tilt-a-whirl. If this has ever happened to you, you might have had an ep...

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Poor Posture Increases The Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

Posted on 01-31-2018

Termites silently destroy the foundation of thousands of unsuspecting homes every year.  Termites accounted for more home damage costs in Florida than all weather-related damages combined.  ...

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Upper Cervical Care Plays Significant Role in Concussion Recovery

Posted on 11-26-2017

Stories of former athletes suffering with brain problems directly attributed to head trauma and multiple concussions arise every month.  Documentaries and movies paint the vivid picture of exactl...

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Up to 90% of doctor's visits result from this...

Posted on 11-14-2017

Stress kills.  Doctors and health professionals agree that chronic stress attacks the body and systematically destroys an otherwise healthy organism.  Research published in 2008 showed that ...

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